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Painting General Information

How to Find the Best Painters & Painting Contractors

When you painted your bedroom taupe, you were being sensible and neutral, with an eye to future modifications. Now it's time for a change. Fortunately, you don't have to take on this daunting, messy task yourself. Painters in Ventura County can help you find a vibrant replacement color and quickly, neatly transform your interior or exterior walls from an eyesore to an eye catcher. The following suggestions can help you get started in your search for a superlative local painter and help you achieve an exciting new look for your home.

Painting Contractors Can Handle Any Job

Painting contractors and their journeymen vary in their experience. Depending on the tools and skills required for your particular paint job, some painters may not even be equipped to complete your job. Therefore, it's essential to locate a painter that has done similar work in the past and can accommodate your design themes. Some house painters limit themselves to residential jobs, but they may expand their services to larger industrial and commercial size jobs as well. Other painters may extend their painting services to the interiors or exteriors of homes, apartments, condominiums, offices, rentals, hotels, schools, wineries, and shopping centers.

When extensive prep work is required, good painters might also perform drywall repair, pressure washing or pressure cleaning, sandblasting, water blasting or mildew removal. Particularly skilled painters and painting contractors do more than lay a fresh coat of paint—they can apply faux finishes, decorative finishes, or create texturing effects too. Some painters go beyond simple trim and wall paint work and refinish, varnish, or stain furniture, cabinets, decks and railings. Select painters are even familiar with basic handyman services like waterproofing, sealing, dry rot repairs or even lead removal. You can even find local painters with experience in a number of restoration services, from Victorian homes to natural wood homes. Many professional painters involve themselves in other aspects of cosmetic remodeling as well. They'll assist with wallpaper removal or installation, caulking, and sealing.

When it comes to redecorating, painting can be one of the more tedious, messy parts of the project. With the help of a professional painter, you can have the prep work and painting done in a fraction of the time.

Painting Contractors Offer Many Types of Painting Materials

Technological progress seems to be affecting everything; it's even made its way into the painting industry. You thought holding sample swatches to the wall was effective? Painters and painting contractors can use virtual computer color consultation so you can really see the potential result of your choices. These devices have virtually eliminated the guesswork involved in optimizing your new color scheme.

In addition to optimizing the new look, painters might utilize some of the recent technological advances that increase paint longevity too. These include elastomeric paint, which boasts increased durability and flexibility, and water repellent finishes, which last longer in outdoor environments. Eco-conscious homeowners in the midst of green building needn't worry about the negative impact of their paint. Many painters and painting companies can use biodegradable, no VOC, or organic paints that are environmentally friendly.

But most painters still offer the basics as well, including primers, latex paints, transparent stains or oil preservatives. If they offer restoration services for siding painting or other types of wood painting or exterior home painting, good painting contractors might treat use treatments of wood brightener, transparent stains or biodegradable siding cleaners. Painters that serve have access to the wide variety of paint types and technology out there, and will usually be happy to supply any particular products you request for your project.

Faux Painting (Including Faux Finishing / Decorative Painting )

Faux painting or faux finishing are terms used for a wide variety of decorative painting techniques. Sometimes the intent is for the painted surface to look like some other material such as marble (faux marble) or wood grain (faux wood). Decorative painters are also who to call if you're looking for muralists (mural painters). These faux painters can paint scenic murals, or ones that create an optical illusion (trompe l'oeil) such as painting the illusion of three-dimensional depth on that flat wall or ceiling.

While some painting contractors do offer faux painting services or decorative painting services in addition to their house painting, decorative painters or faux painters do not have to be painting contractors and so don't need a contractor's license. Although faux painters don't need to be licensed painting contractors, you should still require that they have liability insurance to cover any mishaps.

Faux painting is more than just faux finishes and decorative finishes. Decorative painters can create texturing effects too. Sponge painting (or ‘sponging') is one commonly used method of adding texture to fresh paint.

The cost of faux finishing & decorative painters varies greatly depending on the skill and experience of the faux painters/, the type of faux finish desired and on the complexity of decorative painting effects. Many good decorative painters will want to see the space to get decorative painting treatment, in order to give you a detailed estimate for the faux finishing or decorative painting you desire.

There are Several Media Resources to Research Painters

Theoretically, any painter will do. But if you don't want to sacrifice quality, time or money on sloppy work, you need to dig a little deeper to find the best licensed painting contractors. Many of the cheaper painting companies hire inexperienced laborers to cut costs and some of the one-man operations produce immaculate work but take much longer and cost considerably more.
Find the happy medium by doing outside research. Look for association affiliations and verify painting contractor licensing. Do what you can to learn about specific painting businesses on the Internet or in related publications.

How to Select the Best Painters

Step 1: Describe the Painting Job to the Painters

Before you speak with local painters or home painting services, look at colors and finishes, and make sure that your choices are acceptable for the surface you wish to be painted. Present the information to each painting contractor consistently so that they have the opportunity to bid for the same specifications.

Step 2: Answer Questions From the Painting Contractors & Take Notes

Listen carefully to the questions and concerns of the painters. The painters' level of skill and dedication will show through their questioning, and the painting contractors may even offer some useful new insight on your commercial painting or home painting job.

Step 3: Ask Questions of the Painting Companies & Take Notes

Use the following questions to assess each painting contractor. Add any additional concerns you have.

  • How long have the painting contractors been in business?
  • How many painting jobs have the painters and their companies completed?
  • Do the painting contractors have relevant experience and similar references?
  • Do the professional painters have current worker's compensation and liability insurance?
  • Will the painters provide a written painting estimate
  • How do the painting contractors determine pricing for residential painting or commercial painting jobs?
  • What type of warranty do the painters offer on interior house painting / exterior house painting?
  • How long should it take the painting crews to complete the work?
  • Are there any measures you should take before the painters show up (moving furniture, covering valuables, patching nail holes, etc.), or will the painting contractors provide such services?
  • Do the house painting specialists personally hire and train their painting crews?
  • How and when do the painting contractors clean up the job site?
  • Will you have access to your home while the painters are painting the interior or exterior?
  • Will the best painting services provide a written contract?

Step 4: Making a Preliminary Decision on the Best Painters

After you've interviewed several different painters, review your notes to make a list of those painting companies that are suitable for further consideration.

Step 5: Final Research on Professional Paint Companies

After you've selected the best painting contractor for you, conduct some final research. Verify the credentials necessary. These include current painting contractor licensing and insurance. For quality purposes, you might also want to check and see if the painters have earned Diamond Certification, Better Business Bureau membership or other agency endorsements.

Step 6: The Final Decision on Your Painting Contractor

You've now reached the final stage of your search for a qualified painting company . It's time to select and contract with your painter. Call and ask any final questions before you make an appointment and work out a written pricing, timing, quality, and warranty agreement.